In May 2017 we made deliveries to:

Our moving crew arriving at a vet's new home
A small child's winter boots are delivered to a veteran's family
A female veteran helps unload the furniture we delivered to her new apartment

We provide formerly homeless veterans and families everything they need to set up housekeeping: furniture, bedding, toiletries, household and kitchen items, small appliances, groceries and other necessities.  Please see our Most Needed Items List and schedule a pickup on the same page.

So far in 2017 we delivered to:

A pleased veteran surveys his empty new apartment just before the MHVI truck arrives
A child's play desk and new bed awaits assembly
A helmeted female pilot represents the fastest growing segment of homeless veterans: women.

The generosity of the people of the Milwaukee area enables us to do what we do. Almost all of the items we deliver -- more than a million dollars worth since we started -- are donated.

Thank you, on behalf of the homeless and at-risk veterans and military families we serve.